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How To Make A Large Farmhouse Sign For $2

How To Make A Large Farmhouse Sign For $2, Dollar Tree farmhouse sign, DIY Dollar Tree farmhouse sign
Total Time15 mins
Servings: 1 Sign
Cost: $2



  • White foam board
  • Faux wood shelf liner
  • Peel & Stick decal from Dollar Tree (or Cricut Image)
  • Paper cutter or scissors


  • Gather Supplies. If you don't have a Cricut machine to cut your own decal. I recommend looking for a double-sided wall decal from Dollar Tree. I suggest double-sided because most likely those will be bigger decals (like this Dollar Tree unicorn decal). 
  • Cut the roll of faux wood shelf liner in four 2-inch strips.
  • You should have 4 total rolls ready to go!
  • Unpeel the back of the shelf liner and apply to the edge of the foam board. You want to have some overhang to wrap the shelf liner on the other side (so there are no jagged edges).
  • See how mine has a smooth finish on the edge? I also wrapped both sides with the "frame' so I have a double-sided sign for only $2!
  • Add your decal and you're done!